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Created by Glenda Green

Through her communions with Jesus Christ

Glenda Green has had beautiful communions with the Savior. In her words, “When He was with me in 1992, his presence always brought forth an incomparably beautiful fragrance. Try though I did for nine years, I could not replicate it – even with the help of talented aromacologists. On the tenth anniversary of his first appearance to me, He revealed the formula.” Christ Scent is a creation of rare imported essential oils. It is a proprietary blend of five oils which include Frankincense for transcending all negativity, Myrrh for healing a wounded heart, Sandalwood for universality, Sage for wisdom and purification. Christ Scent is a rare and subtle gift that serves as a trigger point for the memories of the soul. It is a rare and subtle gift to assist in the body’s remembrance of his presence.


A client sniffed a sample bottle of Christ Scent and exclaimed that she had smelled this fragrance before. On impulse, I asked, “Have you ever had a near-death experience?” She stopped and looked me right in the eye and said, “Yes, I have! And this is how it smelled!” Several others who have experienced near death experiences have confirmed the same!

A teenage girl smelled a bottle of Christ Scent without seeing the label. She said, “When I was in Primary Children’s Hospital having my heart surgery as a little girl, this is how my room smelled! I kept asking the nurses about the beautiful scent!”

After smelling a bottle, another client said this was the scent in the room as her grandfather was passing away.

Likewise, a few clients have shared they smelled this scent at the birth of their babies. 

Others who have the gift of being close to the veil also express their familiarity with this scent