The St. George Christ-centered Energy Healing Conference was a light filled, holy event. We had 600+ there this year and I am so happy to see that our events are growing each time we return as we are branching out. There were people there from 12 states, just that I know of.
Kathy Truman delivered a powerful presentation and the spirit was there is great abundance. A special thank you to everyone who participated in any way. There were many there supporting us on both sides of the veil. Thank you. 

Here is one of the beautiful quotes given by Kathy: “God actively intervenes in some destructive lineages, assigning a valiant spirit to break the chain of destructiveness in such families. Although these children may suffer innocently as victims of violence, neglect, and exploitation, through the grace of God some find the strength to ‘metabolize’ the poison within themselves, refusing to pass it on to future generations. Before them were generations of destructive pain; after them the line flows clear and pure. Their children and children’s children will call them blessed. In suffering innocently that others might not suffer, such persons, in some degree, become as ‘saviors on Mount Zion’ by helping to bring salvation to a lineage.” Carlfred Broderick ‘Ensign Magazine, I Have a Question’



St. George – Christ-centered Energy Healing Conference




 “Tips for Highly Sensitive People” with Kathy Truman

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Are you or someone you know a highly-sensitive person? Do you feel like an emotional sponge? Do you pick up on other’s energy? Do you struggle in crowds of people? Being highly-sensitive or an Empath is actually a spiritual gift, but does require special care. Learn about the traits that are challenging and also the incredible talents and insights with which they were blessed. You will also learn coping strategies and my feelings about the purpose of the Empaths here on earth at this time.


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 2015 WPP Conference & Expo schedule

This conference is not associated with any one denomination.
Our purpose is to connect and build the Christ-centered community in their preparations.
Please come and join with us for a beautiful day of hope, learning and preparation.
You will hear from experts in many fields.

Kathy Truman:  Emotional Release Techniques:

Learn how to heal your wounded child within by helping her speak her truth, forgive, let go of her energetic cords, reclaim her power, and cast her burdens to the Savior. By then reintegrating her with the adult you are today, you will feel a wholeness and healing you never thought possible!

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Idaho Falls Conference



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Kathy's Speaking Engagments

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