My journey in the Healing Arts began with pain; emotional, physical and spiritual pain. I was ready to have my burdens lightened by fully partaking of the Atonement of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I realized that I had been holding on to several false beliefs concerning the Atonement. I now work as an […]

Shifting From Fear To Peace (Article #1)

The test results are back and you hear the doctor’s words , “You have cancer.” Kathy Truman is an energy worker, life coach, and an emotional & spiritual counselor. As the founder of Warriors at the Gate (an addiction support group), Kathy has empowered hundreds of individuals to regain strength and triumph over adversity. Kathy is the […]

Shifting From Fear To Peace (Article #2)

Kathy Truman is a Life Coach , Emotional Release Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor. She enjoys teaching and has been a guest speaker at several healing conferences and retreats throughout the state and is a columnist for two magazines , Utah Cancer Connection and Hasten.   In the previous issue, I shared information about physically moving […]

Shifting From Fear To Peace ( Article #3)

Kathy’s Article In “Utah Cancer Connection”  Magazine   Emotions play a primary role in our body’s response to fear. All of us experience emotions. What we each need to decide is whether we are a toilet or an outhouse. All of us have yucky emotions from time to time. Do we let them pile up and […]

Shifting From Fear To Peace ( Article #4 )

Kathy’s Article In “Utah Cancer Connection”  Magazine   In previous installments, I have discussed the physical, mental and emotional tools and techniques which can be used to shift from fear to peace. The spiritual aspect is by far the most important area of our lives to help us shift to peace. The key is how much […]